About A.O.S.

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Who is Acadian Outdoor School (A.O.S.)?

A.O.S. is an educational division of Acadian Baptist Center. It is the desire of A.O.S. to provide quality educational experiences to help students see the depth of the outdoors.

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What does A.O.S. do?

A.O.S. provides outdoor learning opportunities to enhance and compliment the education students already receive. We do this through teaching science-based classes about animals, classes on team-building and character, and skills useful in the outdoors.

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Where is A.O.S.?

 A.O.S. has its mailing address in Eunice, Louisiana. The school is north of Crowley, east of Lake Charles, west of Lafayette, and south of Alexandria and Eunice. I-10 and I-49 are not far from A.O.S.Map to Acadian Baptist Center

Our address is:

1202 Academy Drive
Eunice, LA 70535

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When is A.O.S. in session?

 A.O.S. is in session from September through November 30 and January to the end of the second week of May each school year.

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Why does A.O.S. exist?

 We provide experiences that help students learn about the outdoors so students will walk away with a more complete understanding of biological sciences, outdoor skills, and how to cooperate as a team.

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How does A.O.S. provide this experience?

Students will be provided experiences to help them learn more about the outdoors. Games or activities will help students understand more about animals and their behaviors.


We also provide classes that can help kids learn the value of working in teams and how to use a compass and a bow and arrow.

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How can you receive more information?

 Please contact Acadian Outdoor School if you want to reserve a visit or if you have any questions. Click here for contact information.

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