Location: 1202 Academy Road, Eunice, LA 70535

Grades: Fathers and sons completed 1-6 grades

Dates: September 10, 5:00pm – September 11, 4:00pm

Cost: $55 per person

Please fill out a Waiver and Medical Release for each person attending.

Suvivorman 2021

Critical Knowledge

SurvivorMan is for men and their sons (all boys 1st-6th grades with a dad or not). A time of training, togetherness, and growth.

There is knowledge that is critical for wisdom. We can turn our back on wisdom, taking a chance with survival in the wilderness as well as life or we can embrace wisdom. We have the choice to walk in wisdom and be prepared for life, clearly discerning the right steps, and getting the most from life.  God offers us wisdom freely and we can share that wisdom with others as we learn and grow. Whether we are in the city, walking in the wilderness, or walking in life, there are things we need to know and ways we should prepare to protect ourselves and those we love. Jehovah God and our savior Jesus Christ give us clear principles about walking in life.

Activities include rifle training, awareness, protection, self-confidence, Walking-In-Wisdom, what the Bible has to say about wisdom, and Survivorman WAR.

What to Bring